Getting Started; Write Your Life Story

Three Module Self-paced workshop

Course Summary

Module 1:
What are you going to write? Get clarity on which style of life story you want to write and use this decision to inform the rest of your life story writing journey.

Module 2: 
What is your purpose and motivation? These may be simple questions for you to answer, and they are, but the magic happens when you take these answers and use them as tools to guide what you are going to write. 

Module 3: 
What are you going to write? Discover how easy it is to write about the events in your life in a way that will have your readers turning the page with anticipation.  

And most importantly you will start writing!

You will start writing what may be the most important document you ever write.

Let's get started!

Course Curriculum

Luisa Redford

I'm Luisa Redford. I'm a writer, editor, workshop host, presenter, and digital course creator. 

My obsession is to teach life-story writing to as many people as possible. 

I started It's Your Story because it's important to record our lives for a variety of reasons,

-Our own understanding of who we are.

-As a way to connect with our family and friends with a deeper understanding. 

-As a way for others to see themselves in you.

Writing your life story is a gift that has many recipients over many years.   

I have always enjoyed telling stories, and what I am looking forward to most is getting to know you as you write your life story.

I have a degree in literature and composition and I am published in The Griffith Review. I specialise in writing creative non-fiction, memoir, and biographies and I write from my home on Kaurna land, the Fleurieu Peninsula S.A.

Move your heart and mind towards a better understanding of your self, your friends, and the world we live in everyday.
What a gift to that understanding is when we share it with each other.

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  • Write Your Life Story: Getting Started
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    Ideas and prompts and tools to get you started.

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  • Find Your Purpose and Motivation. How will you write? What will you write?
  • Discover how to uncover and clarify your memories.
  • Start writing! Get your first stories onto the page!